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Sport & Other Acquisitions
Tommy E Hill : BS; MA; JD is President  of Tommy E Hill Professional Association, Gin Ann Real Estate & Energy Inc, HET Investments Inc and a member of United States Supreme Court Bar.

In the foregoing capacities and/or in his capacity as general partner has participated in Ownership; of the development, and/or purchase, management and/or sale of over One Hundred Million Dollars of Real Properties consisting of apartments, office buildings and a shopping center with many of these properties being acquired in the planning stage with his  participating in the acquisition of the land, the planning of the proposed properties, the zoning, and the rent up; and other investments, most notable the negotiation for his own personal account the possible” purchase “of a Major League Baseball Team, the “Cleveland Indians”.

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 Leading Basketball scorer   in City of Birmingham by an 
 Amazing 224 points with    558 points for season and 1100 points  for career
Tommy E Hill University of Alabama right fielder, for series, 579 average, 4 Home Runs, 1 triple, 3 doubles, and 18 Runs batted in;  Home Run King
You can take the boy out of sports but you cannot take Sports out of the boy; that not withstanding, it has been said that outstanding athletes do not make the greatest Coaches. The truth is, those who know the game as well as the law can best create winning acquisitions. 

“Hill’s performance is about the best I have ever seen in a high school  (football) game” 

Gained over 4,000 "all purpose yards” while Scoring Twenty Six (26) Touchdowns” in High School. Football Career     

      Alabama State Champion
           880 Yard Run
Athletic Honors: All Star, All Tournament, All Opponent, All City, All County, All District, All State, All Western Division, All Southeastern Conference,  and holder of one All Time and sixteen season baseball records at University of Alabama

The Judge Says:
While taking twenty one semester course hours during baseball season and making all A’s & B’s and being awarded the Jimmy Moore Memorial Trophy signifying the University of Alabama athlete with the highest scholastic grade point average for the year, participated in every inning of all games played leading the team in Hits, Runs, RBI’s, Total Bases, Home Runs, Slugging Percent (696%), on base Percentage (500%) with a Batting average of 391